I started JiwhizBlog User Group last month with a group of University students. We meet at Computing Science Center at weekends to learn Java development together. I did a presentation about the architecture of my blog application to students, and the feedback is they want to learn some basic knowledge of enterprise business application development. So I initialized my serial of training session. The first one was delivered last Sunday. I'm glad six people attended my session. Thank you for your participation and feedback.

Here is the presentation slides on my website: Inversion of Control and Spring Framework.

Someone asked me how to learn Spring. Well, I think Spring Framework has the most comprehensive reference document, and there are tons of tutorials and blogs on line about Spring. If you prefer reading a book, I recommend Pro Spring 3 and Spring in Action, Third Edition. They are very good for beginners. I also read Spring Security 3.1 and Spring Data, and these books are good if you want to learn more about Spring Security and Spring Data.

I also feel reading the source code of Spring Framework is another approach to learn. With the help of Eclipse and Maven, I can open any source code by control (or command) clicking the class, or method in my editor. Eclipse can let you select different implementation class you want to jump into. I love this feature!

However, I believe the best way to learn a new technology is to work on it. If you don't have the opportunity of using Spring at work, then start your pet project at home. You can fork my JiwhizBlogWeb project from GitHub and start hacking the code, with my instruction here:

Hope you have learned and keep learning. And what do you want to hear next time?