Six months ago I published my first blog post in jiwhiz.com. Now as I promised, my blog web application JiwhizBlogWeb is open sourced at GitHub. I have a passion for beautiful design, and design is not just documentations, or fancy diagrams; design is code as well. So I published my code to share my experience and get more feedback from community, in order to promote open source solutions and domain driven design.

Actually my code was pushed to GitHub two weeks ago, and I shared with some students from University of Alberta Computing Science Department, and some friends. A google user group was also created to have open discussion about the project. We also had two workshop meetings in University, and so far two students got their personal blog websites created and deployed to Cloud Foundry. And I plan to do more presentations or workshop sessions in the future.

As I said in my first blog post, I got inspired at the SpringOne 2GX Conference 2011 in Chicago. The original motivation of building a blog web application from scratch is to learn new technologies, like NoSQL Database, Cloud Computing. During last six months, I do have learned a lot. It is a great experience for me to put every piece of open source projects working together into a running system.

The best way to advocate open source solution is to show an example. It cannot be a "Hello World!" tutorial, but I don't have time to build a big complex system either. A blog application is a perfect example for me, since the feature set is small and the requirements are very clear. I can use this example to write advanced tutorials, or demonstrate design decisions, because it has many aspects of a big system.

It took me six months to add features little by little, and it is still not as good as I expected. But I will continuously polish the code, improve the quality, add more features. Step by step, and never stop. Jiwhiz Blog Web Application has basic blog functionalities, so if you are interested in building your own personal blog website, just follow my instructions here to setup, build and deploy to cloud:

You can give me feedback at my website, or post your questions at JiwhizBlog User Group. You can raise issues at GitHub JiwhizBlog Project site. The project is under Apache 2 License, so fork the project and play with the code for your own blog website, because every developer should have a blog, and better be built by yourself from scratch. It is a more effective way to promote yourself than a resume.

Thank you.